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Author Topic: Upgrade Existing System  (Read 134 times)
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« on: August 01, 2020, 05:51:24 PM »


I currently have a very simple system running in my shed. The system consists of
2 X Alphaline XV24 MF
Steca SCC Solsum 10.10F 10a 12/24 volt
4 X Maplin TPS-102 12v solar panels 12w @ 17.5v 4.8ah capacity
Sterling Power 12v Pure sine wave Pro Power SB 300 watts

I want to upgrade the system to be able to run up to 1000 watts. I am wanting to purchase a pillar drill which will run at around 500 Watts and I have a number of questions.

1. I am told that the SCC I have is a PWM and I should upgrade to a MPPT. I can see several for around £20 but I guess you get what you pay for so I would like some advice as to what standard I should upgrade to.
2. I want to upgrade the panels I have to 100 watt panels. Can I run both systems I have at the moment please?

Many thanks.

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« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2020, 06:06:53 AM »

Be aware that the 500W pillar drill will require an inverter that has 2000W written on the box due to the startup current required by an inductive load. Also be aware that eBay/Amazon quality inverters are often “optimistically labelled” so you’ll need one with 3000W written in the box if you’re buying one that isn’t from a respected brand.

It is worth switching to a 24V battery system to make the cable sizes a bit more sensible and take the strain off the SCC. Morningstar/Victron are good brands for SCCs but they’re pricey. You could keep your existing system for lights and use your new system for sockets if you want but you might be better to scrap the old system and start again depending how long the old system has been running.

Panels are cheap, 250W panels are about £150 a piece now it is the rest of the system that costs particularly good quality SCCs, inverters, and batteries.

12x JA Solar 340Wp panels (total 4080Wp)
Lux Power inverter charger
5x PylonTech 2000 2.4kWh batteries (total 12kWh (11kWh usable))
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« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2020, 07:27:04 PM »

Thanks for the reply.

In my current (pun intended) system I have no way of knowing how much charge is coming from the solar panels and into the batteries. On my charge controller I have 3 lights; green, orange and red. Will an MPPT help with this please?

Also I am about to add lights and a fuse box, do you know of a good YouTube videos that would help me with the wiring please?


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