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Author Topic: Mini Electric, ..I could have been a contender  (Read 1607 times)
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« Reply #30 on: September 11, 2020, 08:40:33 AM »

Its not just Cd. Drag is AreaxCd.    The Cd refers to its aerodynamic shape.  

Notably a Tesla M3 has a lower roof height than my e-Golf. It may be the lowest of any EV?

I doubt the Tesla M3 is the most efficient as measured by mls/kwh because of its (excessive ) weight.  Could be wrong and no doubt someone has a table of these things.
I believe the VW e-up is the most efficient no doubt due to small size and weight.

On second thought it is probably the Ionic.  It is the only one i believe that will do 4mls/kwh at 70mph TRUE. My E-Golf does 3.85mls/kwh by my experience.

The TM3 for its size and class, is actually at the lighter end, certainly not excessive.

But I agree about the Ioniq (or IONIQ - no idea why Hyundai spell it all in caps) ours has averaged 4.7 miles/kWh since we got it, and twice hit 5.7 on a roughly 26 mile circuit to my sisters and back where there is little driving above 60mph.

I think a solid 130+ miles from a 28kWh battery is incredible, and you kinda get a range boost from charging to 100% rather than 80%, as the 'real' battery capacity is bigger, and the folk on the forums Wifey joined, all say that 100% has proven fine. [Note the new IONIQ is ~38kWh.]

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« Reply #31 on: September 11, 2020, 10:28:42 AM »

Had the 4 year old Dacia Dinosaur Duster serviced and repaired last year 1500.00 by dealership.

Asked about EV's, they showed me a Renault Something, but knew nothing about it. Bought an MG ZS EV earlier this year, Dacia gathering Dust.

MG dealership knew almost absolutely nothing about the reasonably good EV that they sold me.

Happy days!
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« Reply #32 on: September 13, 2020, 10:58:56 AM »

Conclusion to date: (based on 3 more visits yesterday)

 Peugot, salesman karim,  bullsh**ed badly, even to the point of insisting he could sell the equivalent of a chademo thickness cable & it was priced "around 700" . .he failed so badly in his task that he had to be rescued by another guy, who knew a bit & was pleasant unlike the slithering karim (a top monthly salesman apparently) ...basically avoid this snake oil salesman if you try to block visit ev's in Peterborough. Service engineers not around, so no-one could answer vaguely off marketing e-brochure type questions.

Next door the E Corsa ...unavailable & sales staff knew nothing but we're pleasant enough.

One door over again, the Honda e ...not available as someone who's gone on paternity leave has the might be back in the next ten days, all  / limited questions answered via the website, ..not bothered, ..looked like he came out of the back room reluctantly (footy match?) ..or may have been engrossed in whittling a point to a stick.

So to summise, why bother with salesmen (they all were men) when any question needed verifying / asking of the actual mechanics, & why therefore pay the salesguys a chunk of your money for the car, it's a bit like getting a taxi then throwing the fare to a beggar on the street who held the door open for you!

The tesla standard is not without reason.

No sales personnel have bothered learning about their new often singular BEV model, information which would allow them knowledge across the board of this variant.

"Hybrid sir? it's got a battery and an engine sir, ..questions sir? I'll have to ask a mechanic"
Usually people just come in & buy (pcp) the car when it's confirmed that it has "appleplay sir. (humanity = doomed).

 Free brewery, drinking sessions that don't happen due to utter failure of organisational competence springs to mind.

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