Green Homes Grant

Good News at Last - Green Homes Grant

Available to ALL Home-owners, private landlords and LAs.

28/08/20 - The Green Homes Grant questionnaire has been released:


Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will need to know the following, so please have your answers to hand when you contact us


Is Solar Thermal part of your saved plan?

Are there any other primary or secondary measures included in your plan?

Do you have a hot water cylinder?


If Yes


- Is it 'solar ready'? i.e. does it have a coil inside specifically for solar thermal?

- What volume is it in Litres? (Preferably but if you don't know, tell us the height and width and we can calculate the volume for you)

- How else do you heat your hot water?

e.g. Gas, Oil, Electric boiler, Electric immersion heater, Solid fuel/Biomass, Heat Pump


If No


Do you have a combi boiler?

- If you have a combi boiler it will probably not be suitable for use with solar thermal. Please check with the boiler manufacturer to see if it will accept pre-heated water.


If your combi does not accept pre-heated hot water you will require a new boiler but some new boilers are also eligible for the Greener Homes Grant. 

If your combi accepts pre-heated water, great!


Do you have space for a hot water cylinder? Typically a minimum space of 800x800mm floor space is required.

How many bedrooms does your property have?

How many people currently live at the property?

Number of bathrooms?

Number of showers and type? (i.e. electric, gravity, power shower)



The Grant entails: 

Two thirds of cost up to £5000 for Solar Thermal

Full cost up to £10,000 for low-income households


Scheme due to run until 31st March so Act Quickly when vouchers become available.

Navitron are Trustmark certified for installation and have local installers nationwide.

More info to follow but you can read the government announcement here:

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