Solar Hot Water

Permanently reduce your energy bills

For home owners and owners of commercial premises, switching to Solar Panels for hot water generation is a smart move. When considering the benefits of 'going solar' it is not difficult to understand why using solar energy as a water heating source is becoming increasingly popular, not only across the UK, but around the world…

The cheaper and EASIER way to heat water

As well as reducing your energy costs, not to mention your Carbon Footprint, once installed your solar water heating system will be maintenance free. You can simply arrange installation by a professional company, or install all the equipment yourself, and then sit back and relax. And, most importantly, by installing a solar hot water system ordered from Navitron, you are choosing to permanently reduce your energy bills. The days of dreading an astronomical electricity bill dropping on the mat will be gone, at last.

Hot water, ALWAYS on tap – just like using a traditional hot water system

Navitron – UK leaders in renewable technology – can supply you with solar panels and other equipment designed specifically for heating water supplies in domestic and commercial properties. We have a range of different types for you to choose from. All will provide you with year-round hot water, and if during particularly cold spells in winter you need your water to be that bit hotter, simply flick on your boiler or immersion switch for a while and then look forward to an abundance of glorious hot water gushing from your taps and shower, whenever you need it!

Navitron supplies everything you need for a solar hot water installation, from complete kits, to individual components or a full installation.

Solar Panels, Controllers, Cylinders and other accessories. Need help sizing a system? See the FAQs or 'contact us' section, send us your cylinder size in litres (or the size of cylinder you'd like), what direction your roof faces (south is best) and how far your pipe run from the panel to the cylinder would be. We'll email you back with honest information on what you'll need to have solar fitted.

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