Solar Controllers

In their simplest form Solar controllers are used to operate a pump when there is the correct temperature differential between the solar panel and the store. Using sensors, they control the amount of heat being transferred and stop the pump once the target temperature has been achieved.


Navitron Ltd are the authorised dealers for the Sorel range of solar controllers catering for many different types of applications. They can also be used to switch on/off other heat sources. The controllers range from the STDC, which is used for simple systems, to the multi-functional XTDC. Navitron Ltd also supplies specialist controllers for the revolutionary new HFC2 curtained panels.

Manufactured to the highest quality and with many safety program features as standard, the controllers are of the highest order. For added functionality, some of the controllers come with programmable relays which can be used to drive additional devices. Different variants of each of the Sorel controllers provide a 0-10V and PWM output for speed-control of high-efficiency pumps. Some of the controllers have an Ethernet or CAM Bus interface for remote control and data logging.

Navitron Ltd believes that with their easy instalationl and operation, together with the clear to read screen and user friendly programs, Sorel controllers are the best on the market, and excellent value for money.

Our friendly technical team can help you choose the right controller for your application.

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