Swimming Pools

When looking to boost your heated swimming pool system, solar energy is undoubtedly the answer. But don't fret that 'going solar' is a drawn out, involved process, meaning you'll be unable to use your pool for weeks-on-end, until your solar thermal panels installation is complete. There will be little interruption. You can, of course, opt to fit all your new solar equipment yourself, or Navitron can arrange installation for you. Whichever option you choose, you and your family will be enjoying part-solar powered swimming pool bliss in no time!

Warm up your pool water in an eco-friendly way

The benefits of having a solar heated swimming pool at home (or even at your work premises, as a treat for your hardworking staff?) are massive, which is why it's no wonder that inground, semi-inground, or above ground swimming pool installation at domestic and commercial properties is becoming increasingly popular.

With people everywhere using solar thermal panels to supplement their existing heated swimming pool systems, 'solar boosting' is being perceived as the number one planet-friendly choice. It's a fact that utilising the Sun's energy can help to control the running costs of a heated swimming pool, and with that energy source being free and available in abundance, choosing solar for swimming pool warming (as opposed to another form of energy) is a no-brainer.

How it works

Solar energy-heating of swimming pools is not rocket science. Far from it. The whole carbon footprint-reducing process is straightforward and easy:

1. Using some simple calculations, a solar system can be sized for all different types of pools. So, don't be concerned that yours is perhaps too small or too big. The experienced and friendly Navitron team can provide exactly what you need
2. Your solar system can easily be plumbed into your existing heating and filtration system, using a heat exchanger (just one of the renewable technologies used for water heating): a clever system that transfers outside heat from the Sun to the water in your pool
3. Your solar panels will collect the energy and use it to heat water in the panel's head
4. The water is then pumped to your heat exchanger, thus providing warmness to your pool

Job done.

What to do now

Whether you are thinking of having a pool installed, or looking to enhance the heating of your existing pool, solar energy is unquestionably something to seriously consider.

To get the process started, and to enjoy solar energy-heated swimming as soon as possible, call us on 01572 725512 or submit an enquiry for help in sizing a system for your pool.

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