Caframo Ecofans

Better distribution for your woodburner

Woodburners are commonly found in homes across the UK, in both urban and rural areas. But users are also complaining of a common problem: uneven distribution of heat throughout a room. This issue of hot and cold spots, rather than unfluctuating heat circulation, can be solved quickly and easily. How? By simply purchasing a Caframo Ecofan, the best on the market and recommended Ecofan to choose.

The even better news is that Caframo Ecofans are surprisingly inexpensive, considering the advantages they offer to woodburning stove owners everywhere.

Warm up your home for LESS

Caframo Ecofans can save you money, as well as being kind to the environment. They:

 Simply sit (unfixed) on the top of your stove

 Have no batteries, wires, cables or plug (a Caframo Ecofan's clever TEG technology means they only require the heat from your stove to run)

 Start automatically

 Adjust their speed according to the stove’s changing temperature

 Operate silently, regardless of the speed at which the blade rotates. This means no smothering of the woodburner's wonderfully atmospheric crackling sound – something most stove owners love

 Are made from anodised aluminium that will not rust

 Require no maintenance

 Mix the air in the room brilliantly, making it feel warmer, and meaning you will require fewer woodburning logs (some Caframo Ecofans can lower your wood consumption by as much as 14 per cent, in fact)

As the Ecofan blade rotates it spreads the hot air from the fire chamber below throughout the room (rather than much of the heat simply rising towards the ceiling or going up the chimney). But don't be concerned that this actually creates too intense a heat, or results in unbearable 'hot spots' in certain areas of the room that make sitting there insufferable. Caframo Ecofans are designed so that the heat distribution they create is a pleasant warmth, for both people and pets, in every inch of the room.

Navitron can offer you a range of Caframo Ecofans, available to purchase TODAY.

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