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Epogee Solar Heating Courses are one of the longest-running solar training schemes in the UK, having been run in the UK and Europe for over 10 years. Over 4000 Installers have been trained by Epogee during this time.

We currently offer class-room based 1 day solar installation training courses, based on over 20years experience in renewables.

The classroom-based courses should teach you everything you need to know about the installation of all types of solar water heating panels, but with particular reference to vacuum tube technology and domestic installations. Commercial installations and flat plat installations are also covered. The course is aimed at both experienced tradesmen and DIY – it assumes no previous knowledge, and covers systems ranging from 'plug and play' to complex systems.

Course content ranges from theory of operation, the technicalities of installing solar panels, MCS, RHI and other relevant matters.
Price: £199 per person (discounts available for group bookings - eg 2 places £348, 3places £497)


  • 10 am Coffee/Registration/ Course Start
  • Introduction
  • Solar facts and figures
  • Payback Periods
  • Applications
  • Theory of Operation - Key Components
  • Design of Solar Systems
  • Performance vs Collector Position/Orientation
  • Maximising System Efficiency
  • Installing the components
  • Roof-fixing the panel
  • 12.30pm Lunch (provided)
  • Legionella
  • Solar Controllers and programming
  • Air vent options
  • System Stagnation
  • Specialist components
  • Bad practices to avoid
  • Common configurations
  • Swimming pools
  • Benefits of becoming an installer
  • Requirements for becoming an installer
  • Example Configurations
  • Swimming Pools
  • Specifying a System
  • Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Grants / RHI
  • Questions
  • 5pm (approx) Conclusion of Course

Solar4: Solar Installation Training Course

Price: £2995 including cost of system components and installation on your house).

Course Duration: 4 days (may vary according to installation)

Day 1: Classroom-based theory

Day 2-4 On-site installation of an evacuated tube solar system at your location with an experienced installer

The evacuated tube solar system that will be installed on your home will be provided free as part of this course. Following a day spent on theory at our training facility, we will arrange a suitable date to run the practical element of the course at your location - usually your own house, but it could be the house of a relative, friend or even your first customer.

By carrying out an installation on your own house you will learn first-hand and be guided throughout the procedure on a one-to-one basis by an experienced installer. The installer will run through the installation process from start to finish, and be with you throughout the installation. The solar equipment installed at your property is included within this cost of the course - so you will benefit from free solar-heated hot water. (The course cost includes the cost of a typical system. If you carry out an installation of an over-sized system, swimming pool or you have a combi boiler, there may be an additional charge to cover additional equipment required. Please contact us for details, if in doubt)


Installing Solar Panels can be a rewarding and successful business. Solar Installers have the potential to earn high salaries, whilst enjoying a rewarding and worthwhile job. The job requires minimum outlay, and the process is relatively straightforward.

Epogee runs professional training courses equally suitable for individuals who wish to attend a course prior to installing their own system, or for tradespeople who wish to become professional installers. There will be plenty of time to ask questions, and for advice on specific installations. On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of training.


  • Learn how to do the job properly, and avoid the common mistakes
  • Gain sales and marketing knowledge which will help you to succeed
  • Obtain a professional qualification

The need for installers

The DTi published reports show that the average price of a vacuum tube solar water heating system is over £6000. The DTi recognises that these high prices are due to a lack of professional solar installers, that cannot meet the rapidly rising demand for renewable solar energy systems. This lack of competition in the marketplace is partly responsible for these high prices.

In addition, most suppliers in the UK are selling systems at inflated prices - panels generally cost £600-1200+vat. Navitron Ltd is changing this - with budget vacuum tube systems starting at around £800 and high-end systems for around £1100, which has dramatically expanded the solar market. The solar installation market is driven by the number of installers available, so now is a good time to get in on the action!

DIY or Professional

This course is designed for both the professional installer and the individual who wishes to learn how to fit their solar water heating system to a high standard.


Typically, most individuals will choose a top-end system, costing in the region of £1100. A typical installation cost is around £2500, and this will take around 3days, although experienced installers can often install in 2days.

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